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Manufacturer of insulation and polymer derivatives.

Patent and manufacture of poly Metal Roofing.

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Stagecoach win Roofing Company manufactures polyester Fvyldar and powder as well as in the manufacturing sector since 1382 is working ...



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Roofing company Stagecoach won in 1379 and established in 1380 with the production of insulation to isolate buildings and their products are marketed ...



Insulation resistance with a metal grid (made of metal) in addition to the use of road construction that is taking advantage of this product is as follows:

1 - because of the fiber glass is resistant to frost.
2 - prevent the penetration of water into the lower layers of asphalt.
3 - no jay, wrinkles usable in all weather conditions and sloping and vertical surfaces.
4 - can be installed in all places where permanent water and moisture.
5 - because of the resistance of the metal used in the context of the asphalt network planning, runways, roads, traffic, trucks, ships and docks, oil and non-oil Antqalmvad isolation channels and pipes.
6 - prevent any cracks (saurian - edge - blade) for networks of metal reinforced insulation.

Warning ...

The company's products with patent certificate of registration of the exclusive Real Estate is victorious.
Any production of this insulation is under any name or trademark infringement and subject to legal prosecution.